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помогите придумать  предложения со  словами  scattered, representative, presentation,complexion, engineering, customer ,intuition, progressive,accurate ,judgment, inference comprehension, indecisive. просьба  написать  к каждому слову по  одному предложению ...

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    Ответ дан nikitakolbin
    He was  scattered .
    I am representative of my nation.
    She made a presentation.
    My complexion is white.
    he is master of  engineering.
    He customer of our shop.
    Women are well-developed intuition
    at school we go progressive passive.
    Voroshilov most accurate pistol shot.
    in the late 19th century acted death judgement
    My inference about you: You're a good friend.
    he was not indecisive  in judgments.
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