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Помогите вставить нужные слова и перевести текст!Срочно до 17 мая!!!
Safety and
security are the top priority for all airlines and flying is the safest way to
travel. Each year the worlds air travelers make 1.5 billion journeys and on
average there are only 50 fatal accidents. But there are lots of things which
you can do ___1 ___  your journey
safer and more enjoyable. Pack your suitcase or rucksack yourself and never
offer __2__  a packet for someone
else. Make sure you check in early. Most airlines say you __3__  to check in at least one hour before a short
flights and two hours before intercontinental 
flights. However , security checks and baggage X-rays can __4__  a long time and you don’t want  __5__  your flight, so  allow an extra half-hour. Remember that you __6__
 have sharp things  like scissors or knives in your hand baggage.
On the plane you __7__  stay  in your seat all the time. Its good to walk
around  and stretch  your  legs. You __8__  wear a seat belt for take-off and landing, but
it’s a good idea to keep in on all the time you are in your seat. You  __9__  listen carefully to the safety instructions so
that if there __10__  an accident,
you know how to get out of the plane quickly

1 a) make  b) making c) to make

2 a) take    b) taking   c) to take

3 a) have
  b) must     c)  can

4 a) be  b) take 
c) make

5  a) miss 
b) to miss  c) missing

6  a) don’t have to b) cant  have to c)mustn’t

7  a)have to 
b)don’t have to  c)mustn’t

8  a)must 
b)have  c)can

9  a)don’t have to  b)can 

10  a)be 
b)is  c)was

  1. Ответ
    Ответ дан vangeineVanGeine
    1 с
    2 b
    3 a
    4 b
    5 b
    6 c
    7 b
    8 a
    9 c
    10 b
    1. Ответ
      Ответ дан vangeineVanGeine
      слишком легкое, поэтому да
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