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Напишите, используя косвенную речь.
ПРИМЕР: She says: "I am busy."

She says (that) she is busy.      


1. They say: "We have lunch at the Institute." 2. He says:
"My parents live in Kiev." 3. She says: "I entered the Institute
three years ago." 4. Mary says: "I can describe the place to you. I
know it very well." 5. John says: "I'll meet my parents at the
station." 6. The teacher says: "You know this lesson."    

Пример:He asks:
"Why (when, how many times a week, etc) do you get up so early?"

He asks (wonders) why (when, how many times a week)

I get up so early.                               


Begin the sentence with:
(a) I wonder (ask) why...

I don't know (nobody knows) why (when...)


1. Why do they stop their work at one o'clock? 2. How many students are
there at Moscow University? 3. What questions did they discuss at their
meeting? 4. Where did he hear the news? 5. When will he leave for Leningrad? 6.
What did she speak about at the meeting? 7. How many students will be present
at the conference? 8. How long did he stay there? 9. How did she describe the
place to them? 10. Who teaches them English?

  1. Ответ
    Ответ дан nunny
    1. They say they have lunch at the Institute.
    2. He says his parents live in Kiev.
     3. She says she entered the Institute three years ago.
     4. Mary says she can describe the place to me as she knows it very well.
     5. John says he'll meet his parents at the station.
     6. The teacher says we know this lesson. 

    1. I wonder why they stop their work at one o'clock.
    I wonder how many students there are at Moscow University.
    I wonder what questions they discussed at their meeting.
    I wonder where he heard the news.
    I wonder when he will  leave for Leningrad.
    I wonder what she spoke about at the meeting.
    I wonder how many students will be present at the conference.
    I wonder how long  he stayed there.
    I wonder how  she described the place to them.
    I wonder who teaches them English.

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