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Напишите пожалуйста упражнение, используя косвенную речь.

1. "Don't repeat this
mistake again!" the instructor warned the sportsman. 2. "Leave your
address with the secretary," the assistant said. 3. "Phone to me for
an answer tomorrow," the manager said to the client. 4. "Don't be so
silly," the father said to the kid. 5. "Give a smile," the
photographer said to me. 6. "Please, help me to make a decision," Ann
asked her friend. 7. "Don't leave these books on the table, put them back
on the shelf," the librarian said to the student. 8. "Be a good girl
and sit quietly for five minutes," the nurse said to the child. 9.
"Leave your things here," my companion advised me. 10. "Don't
discuss this question now," said the chairman.

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    Ответ дан nunny
    1. The instructor warned the sportsman not to repeat that mistake again.
    2. The assistant told me to
    leave my address with the secretary.
    The manager asked the client to him for an answer the next day.
    4. The father advised the kid
    not to be silly.
    The photographer asked me to give a smile.

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      Ответ дан ElenaBro
      а можно остальные 5?)
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      Ответ дан nunny
      6. Ann asked her friend to help her make a decision.
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      Ответ дан nunny
      8. The nurse told the child to be a good girl and to sit quietly for five minutes. 9.
      My companion advised me to leave my things there. 10. The chairman told us not to discuss that question at that moment.
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