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This year,a group up of British teenagers (work) with the British and Nepalese Red Cross and (help) trekkers and villagers in the Hivalayas. Every day,
The teenagers (go) from village to village in the dangerous mountain areas and (give out) first aid boxes. “We (love) it here', (say) Mandy Richards from Guildford in Surrey.
“We (all/have) First Aid Lesson at school back home, so we  (know) how to help when we (come) here. . The villages here (meet) people from England for the first time. They (always/prepare) their own medicine and sometimes that (work)  and sometimes it (not work). The villagers (realise) that we (help) them, and we (feel) that we (do) something useful.'

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    1)works           9)came
    2)helps           10)met
    3)go               11)always preparing
    4)give out        12)worked
    5)love             13)is not work
    6) says           14)reliased
    7)all had          15)help
    8)know            16)feel, doing
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