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ПРОЭКТ MY FUTURE HOLIDAYS заранее спасибо!!! на английском

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    Christmas and New Year are the most wonderful and amazing holidays  when all dreams come true.

    Our school will arrange  the celebration of these holidays. In the middle of our gym they will put a huge Christmas tree and performances will start. The heroes of our favorite fairy-tales will come to see us and to give us New Year and Christmas presents, and for high school students they will arrange a real costume party. 

    During the Christmas holidays our school will organize excursions and trips. This year we'll go to Moscow. It will be fun. 

    I dream to visit the most wonderful country in the world - Lapland. To my oppinion it is very beautiful, because the sun shines on the snow, and everything sparkles. I would like to ride a fabulous reindeer and meet the real Santa Claus. I want to make the most magical wish. I think it would be so cool! That's my dream))

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