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Напишите это в ПАССИВНОМ ЗАЛОГЕ , хотя бы пару предложений, просто совсем не понимаю, спасибо :)

1. She doesn't invite me to her dinner parties. 2. The teacher sent for the pupil's parents. 1. I don't think they will have done this work by the end of the week. 3. Will snow cover the fields in winter? 4. They are building a bridge over the river now. 5. Nobody slept in the bed. 6. The pupils always laugh at this boy. 2. "Has the secretary typed the letters?" "No, she is typing them now." 7. When I came home they had eaten the sweets. 10. The children were playing tennis from four till five..

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    Ответ дан ToDream

    I am not invited to her dinner parties

    Pupils's parents were sent by the teacher

    The work wouldn't be done by them by the end of the week

    Will fields be covered with snow in winter?

    A bridge is building by them now

    The bed was slept with nobody

    the boy is always laughed at by pupils

    have the letters typed by the secretary?

    When I came home, the sweets had been eaten by them
    tennis was played by children from 4 till 5


















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