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Rewrite the statements in reported speech.
1 “ We’re meeting Tom today”, they said.
2 “ You must call the office to check it”, she said to her son.
3 “ We didn’t take photos during our trip”, they told me.
4 “ This has been my best chance ever!” the boy told his friends.
5 “ I spent last summer travelling”, she said.
6 “ You can collect your books tomorrow”, he told me.
7 “ Mary will return from Paris next week”, he said.
8 “ You are not allowed to park here”, the policeman said.
9 “ I’m reading to find more information”, she said.
9 “ How old is the Sphinx?” the man asked.
10 “ Call me from your office when you arrive”, she said to me.
11 “ Do not forget to take your umbrella”, Kate said to Mike.
12 “ What time are we leaving tomorrow?” John asked.
13 “ Send me a letter”, Nick said to Jane.
15 “ Excuse me, what time does the next bus leave?” he asked.

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